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December 2, 2006 § 10 Comments

This past Thursday I was on a 1:20 Acela to New York, just like old times. The brief trip was to attend a dinner. We’re Co-Executive Producers on a series that just got the green light for a dozen episodes and the network execs wanted to show some delight.

Given the past few weeks I waffled on the invite. It was a long way to go for cocktails and Dover sole, but I did the math. I had hair, and the restaurant Da Silvano was known for amazing food and fashonista customers. How could I turn down a possible Madonna sighting.

I was the first to arrive at Da Silvano. I sat at the bar and made chit chat with the voluptuous blond bartender. She was in her mid 30’s and had been a preschool teacher, a dog walker, a stylist, an art director, an interior designer, a casting agent, she didn’t have a boyfriend, which “totally sucked” and she offered that if she did have kids she would adopt a black baby boy. I suspect it was the stylist in her seeking contrast. When she’s not bartending she claimed to be an indie producer. What she didn’t say, but I am sure of, is that she’s broke and doesn’t have health insurance.

I ordered champagne by the glass knowing other would join me and while I felt obvious and alone at the bar I turned to scope out the room. We were in the smaller half of the restaurant. Tom Cruise was probably on the other side of the terra cotta wall. The wall featured a giant purple poster of a long legged pixie with legs splayed open, spiky hair and spike heels. The 2 foot type across the top read “Cancer Vixen”. Did other people see that? Was I suddenly seeing cancer in everything even restaurant decor? I turned my back to the wall.

Familiar faces arrived and it was kiss face and handshake and warm feelings all around. The attorney who had been an obstacle was a buddy. The clients who knew me from the ad biz shrieked at our involvement in programming. I smiled and drank a second glass of champagne.

We sat down for dinner; apps followed by more apps, and happy conversations. I was a one seat away from the VP of programming and somewhat central to other influential characters. It was all good.

Time flew, the panna cotte was sinful and the decaf cappuccino too hot to guzzle before catching my ride home. Three hours of the fabulous life was more than enough for me.

Since I had missed all possible plane and train connections Jonas’s babysitter, Helen and her Camry saved the day. I was picked up at the restaurant at 10p at which point I slipped into the backseat of the car, pressed my head against the pillow and wrapped myself around a fleecy blanket Helen provided. I woke up near Framingham four hours later. It was close to 2am.

I napped in and out of Friday. My sister Gail came for a visit and brought with her a book from Suzy. It was called Cancer Vixen, a true story by cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto and her battle with breast cancer. Turns out she met her husband Silvano at the fabulous Da Silvano restaurant.

Surely the current confluence of coincidence is a good omen.

Love, Momo


§ 10 Responses to see and be seen

  • Eileen says:

    It’s a good omen! It’s definitely a good omen!

  • David and Claire says:

    We love good omens, as well as wonderfully told stories with unexpected twists at the end. Since “cancer vixen” is taken, I guess you’ll just have to be “cancer siren” or, if you prefer the less exalted, “cancer babe.” Congratulations on the green light for your programming series. It sounds as if you’re going to keep very busy over the next few months. Glad to hear family and friends are nearby to offer warm blankets, rides, and lots of support. We’re thinking of you and send our best.

  • Karen says:

    Wow. That’s an amazing concidence – and so very skillfully and richly described. Keep on writing!

  • Gordon says:

    Many of us don’t know much about chemotherapy. Most of us will not need it. My dad, who did have some personal experience, used to crack jokes when I took him, and once tried to pinch some nurse butt during a session. Had he been any stronger, he would have succeeded.

    If at any time it seems overwhelming tomorrow (or whenever), rest assured that there’s a whole group of us who are thinking about you at that very momont.


  • paula says:

    there are times when silence speaks louder than
    words, we are all with you in our hearts, spirit and mind,

    be brave and good luck.
    elohim yishmore
    Paula maya ella nadav

  • Suzy says:

    Cancer Vixen has nothing on you! Go kick that Cancer Butt. Yasha Koach, or as our rabbi says, May the Force be With YOU.

    thinking of you especially today, thinking of that chemo in your veins, may the force be with the chemo.

    love and kisses, hugs and support,


  • Gail says:

    Love is all there is

    Everything else is a distraction

    Focus on the love

    And the healing will begin

    with all my love,

  • susan says:

    We spent the day in Normandy touring the WW11 beaches in a driving rain much like what the troops encountered in June 1944. Mostly I spent the day thinking about you and sending lots of warm support. The fact that the Allies were able to scale these massive cliffs and emerge victorious should give us all confidence in the indominable power of the human spirit. We are thinking of you today and tomoroow and the next and next and next…. Looking forward to your upcoming reports. Love, Susan

  • Joel says:

    You’re creating the ultimate personal documentary. How intensely brave, to document and journal this experience. And by the way, honey – YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER! Seriously. This stuff is moving, honest, direct. I’m blown away, Momo. You have a real gift. And you are giving us all an incredible gift by doing this – keeping us close. xoxo

  • ru says:

    Ditto to Joel’s comments! I want to share, I want to be with you, I want to know what you’re feeling, thinking and dreaming, and then again I don’t. I recognized the prolific creativity and life energy within you from the first day I met you at Hampshire (was that a million years ago???) but this bout of writing and documenting has shown a whole other level of awareness, talent and ability to share so honestly and openly. Thank you! And thank you for once again, making the use of technology a little less scarey, and all the more precious.
    I’ll sing you a dreidel song anytime! xoxoruth

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