December 22, 2006 § 12 Comments

On Monday I took a shower and quickly realized that I won’t be scheduling any bikini waxes in the near future. As promised, the chemotherapy was tackling my excess and not so excess body hair.

Some folks argue that losing your hair in chemotherapy is potentially more traumatic than surgery. I’m not in that camp at the moment. What’s odd to me about the hair loss is the ease at which it just falls out. None of the pubic hair in zipper ouch or elbow on my ponytail yikes. You don’t feel a thing. You lather up and when the time is right you’re holding a handful of the salon floor.

Even if you don’t feel a thing, it doesn’t feel right. This morning I waited in my car for the first salon in the neighborhood to open. At 9am I got buzzed. I didn’t have an appointment. It didn’t matter. Susan brought me to the back of the shop. In minutes I looked like a radical feminist.

While everyone is tremendously enthusiastic about my buzzed head; it’s nice shape and how well I pull off bald. I’ve given in to the theatrical. I went out and bought 2 wigs and 10 hats.

Btw, nothing will get me to go the way of the thong, not even a Brazilian.


§ 12 Responses to radical

  • Faye says:

    Picture s of this new do- please-


  • Mark says:

    Wow, right smack on Winter Solstice 2006. How about a Summer Solstice Thong and Speedo Party? Black tie, of course. Thinkin’ of you every day, Sweetie. xoxoxo

  • Rick Beyer says:

    Are you sure about the thong? It could spike your web hits?

  • Caryl says:

    I think i speak for all your bloggers when I say thank you for that pubic hair imagery— i do like the idea of saving on waxes! Happy to contribute to our thong collection— watch the mail— coming soon—

  • ruth says:

    I needed a smile today – thank you! I love the descriptives and of course your attitude. xox R

  • Rebecca says:

    Love the imagery. The wigs look fab.

  • Carey says:

    Pictures. Lots of pictures.
    You’re defining the new supershero

  • Gordon says:


    If ever one needed proof as to how fixated we are as individuals and as a society about SEX, look no further than this blog site. Momo, throwns in a few teasers in her update like “pubic, thong, zipper, lather, head and nice shape”, and the readers go crazy. She got more innuendoed remarks on her blog site in 15 minutes, than most of us get in a lifetime!

  • Gail says:


    This new “do” really sets off your stunning features.
    I can see why some models go for the look. Are your legs longer, too?

    Who knew bald could be so beautiful?
    You pull it off so well. Like the champ that you are. Such a flair for the dramatic.

    I do love the wig…. but I thought it would be more hot pinkish, a kind ‘a punk thang. You could be seen anywhere in either “do”.

    Any way you do it – with or without the hair, real or fake. Either way, you’re great!!!!!!

    Who knows? This could be another fashion trend? But for me….?
    Don’t hold your breath – as fearlessness is sadly not genetic.

    You shine on… and I’ll keep sending “healing energy” your way…..
    Looking forward to seeing you next week.

    Love and Kisses to the best buzz-cut-cutie

  • Karen Waer says:

    Hi Momo,

    Kathy just left me a message. Didn’t know you were sick but think you are writing an awesome blog and have a great attitude. A few days ago I was looking at the oil and sand you brought me back from Israel. Remember how we found each other in the restaurant in Europe while the waiters were serving the kids pizza with a fried egg on top of it? Would it be wierd to you if I came to say hi. I have a Southwest frequent flyer ticket just waiting to be used. Love, Karen

  • paula says:

    I definately think a thong shot would boost the ratings on this one. Like the idea of tush and cush…

    What about adding a banner or two, maybe some well-branded sponsors like Merck, Pfizer, then recruit a good law firm or two, into patient rights and breast cancer, get Lance Armstrong on your blog as your personal Phys Ed Coach or psychic mentor (or whatever your imagination let’s you do with that combo) and you walk away looking and smelling like roses.
    Marilyn — ‘hat a girl, superb, super woman, mom, supercalifragilisticexpealidocious !

  • Kathy Dann says:

    Hey Momo,

    Enjoy reading your blog- you are awesome and funny and haven’t changed at all. Your daughter is gorgeous with a lovely smile. You two look beautiful together and she will be a wonderful help to you as you tackle this.
    Karen and I want to visit, if that’s ok and if you feel up to seeing us. We both haven’t aged at all (well, Karen has, but I haven’t). Anyway, I’m sending you a huge hug and big kiss and lots of love. Love, Kathy

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