pull up a chair

April 1, 2007 § 5 Comments

I am grateful beyond measure, and not just because the CT scan was wrong. To be loved and cared for, and to have it expressed so deeply by so many people is nothing short of cosmic. Thank you, I feel very lucky.

What follows a close call?

Ecstasy and then the everyday.

My back to ordinary life has been consuming; endless appointments, initial consultations and second opinions. Everyone is a specialists and I am trying to connect the dots and doctors. Chemotherapy is behind me, and clarity returns slowly even as the neuropathy (numbness) lingers.

Good riddance chair 14 and 21 and 20 and 13 and all the others. For my friends who are starting this journey, count down the days, time flies when you are sleeping. You are stronger than the poison but your cancer cells are not.


almost-done.jpg business-as-usual.jpg




xoxo Momo


§ 5 Responses to pull up a chair

  • Gail says:

    Good Riddance to the “chairs” and the chemo. I never did like naugahide. Here comes the sun, da da da da. Here comes the sun. Da da da da…It’s all right….

    You endured, persevered, struggled, triumphed and overcame 16 weeks of cancer killing toxins. Hurray! Here’s to an end to every single cell that ever even thought of dividing too quickly…May they all be dead as a doornail and flushed down the proverbial tube…
    arriva derchi, hasta la vista, adios, zai jian, au revoir, shalom and a few more…..

    Status update from the field. We (your worthy comrades in arms – and boobs) are lined up awaiting our next assignment. I feel ready to take on the 2nd and 3rd opinions and the minions who follow, knowing you are gaining strength and health with each new day.

    Point me in their direction and I will meditate on expert advisors’ clarity and truth and healing and love (not in that order). Come Monday at 10:45am you will have my undivided attention. Let’s pray the same is true for specialist #2.

    Love and Kisses on this first day in April

  • Patryce says:

    Hooray for “good-bye to the chairs and the chemo”!
    About all the love and caring; You’re a great person and you’ve touched a lot of hearts. You’re getting back what you’ve given!
    Lots more thoughts and prayers. Love you ~ Patryce

  • Kelly says:

    “You are stronger than the poison but your cancer cells are not”

    Thanks as always…Just what I needed to hear right when I needed to hear it 🙂

    1 down just 15 to go!


  • Carey says:


    You did it. You’re amazing and your Boston family and friends are too. You look tired, but victorious. Don’t stop letting your friends give you a hand. You’ve given all of us a gift. Your gift to me was a kick in the butt. I’m making the call today for a mamogram (I haven’t had one in 10 years) and I started running and am in 10k road race this weekend.

    I’m opening up my house in the Catskills at the end of May. It’s a beautiful 2 hour drive from Boston. The house is going to be sitting empty for most of the summer. Please let me know when you want to use it. It’s a great dirty weekend place. I leave it unlocked and you can use it any time.



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