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April 26, 2007 § 16 Comments


My driveway is ill defined. I am not exactly sure where it ends and where it meets the lawn. Is it soil or sidewalk beneath my feet? The hostas know, they are laying claim to the ground, emerging from the dirt. Dirt which is packed as hard as cement thanks to six cars rolling over it twice a day all winter long.

Still, splashes of green appeared almost overnight, everywhere. It surprises me, life emerging, so suddenly.

Take my head, transformed like a Chia Pet. Dark sprouts mixed in with some white sprouts and it’s all super soft. Better than silk bunnies. Still, it is too early to tell if it will be curly or straight. Chemo offers all sorts of surprises. Just in time too, the hats and wigs while cozy this past winter are stifling now.

Everything is a little stifling now. With estrogen at a minimum and a promise of new lows ahead thanks to estrogen blockers, my internal thermometer is terribly confused. At any given time I may have ice-cold hands or feet, while sweat puddles on my forehead. A slight breeze and I am chilled in search of polar fleece.

Every few hours, a new climatic zone in one single zip code.

Hot, cold, sweaty or chilled. I am in for surgery tomorrow. They’ll pull the tumor and nodes from me like weeds and hope nothing grows back.

Do you have a garden? It requires steady tending. That’s my cancer now. Less a crisis, more a chronic condition requiring constant attention. Post surgery radiation everyday for 8 weeks, meds for 5 years, exams annually, and a very good reason to exercise and eat well every single day even though none of the “serious” medical doctors will discuss nutrition or exercise.

It seem this cancer is mine to manage.

Next stop Shapiro building third floor 8am. I’ll be home for dinner. I hope it’s a nice weekend.

xoxo Momo


§ 16 Responses to chia pet

  • LB says:


    Have a nice sleep tomorrow morning. We’ll see you on the other side, weed free.

    Love, Linda

  • Gail says:

    From Denver – just arrived. stop. Will pray. stop. Best of luck. stop. Hope for excellent result. stop.

    Oh who am I kidding. With the web, it feels like I’m right outside your door, bringing chicken soup and flowers. I do hope the support staff is ready, willing and able. I’ll be there asap to take my turn. We all marvel at your optimism, your zest for life and your insightful humor.

    We’ve been waiting patiently, now it’s time for you to be the “patient”. Here’s to drive through surgery of the highest order. Three cheers for brilliant doctors and their brilliant patients.

    Sending ALL MY LOVE!!!!!! and HEALING ENERGY!!!!!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Best wishes tomorrow, Momo.
    Love and kisses, Reb

  • xoxomomo says:

    I’ll be “praying” for a smooth healthy journey.You are amazing (and a damn good writer!)
    xoxo, Deanne

  • tina sharkey says:

    Jacob, Charlie, Seth, Lisa and I will all be praying for you tomorrow. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Penny says:

    Your optimism and your strength will see you through tomorrow. I wish I were there to help with your recovery. Know I will be thinking of you, praying for you, and as Gail said, sending healing energy your way!

    All my love to you and Frannie

  • oz says:

    love from all the zuckers.

  • Lori says:

    Thank you Marilyn for that exquisite entry and for keeping us up to date. Love that spring imagery. Good luck tomorrow– our hearts are with you and Frannie, the Beizers

  • Kelly says:

    For once I can be the advisor. I have had a lumpectomy in February. Beware, the breast itself is not painful post surgery…but, you will be amazed at how painful the incision where they take the nodes will be. Very pinchy! You’ll be amazed at how often you actually need to USE your armpit! lol 🙂 But all in all it is a small price to pay..:) 🙂 Best of luck and heres to a speedy recovery! 🙂

  • Daniel John says:

    I have no idea how I ended up your mailing list but I’m glad I did. I don’t think I know you but perhaps I forgot. You write so well please leave me on. Would you like to be on mine? I send out poetry and essays after they get published. Check out web page and let me know.
    I’m a landscape gardener by trade. I’d give you a growing present if you like. I admire your ferocity in staying yourself.

  • Debi says:

    Thinking of you, Momo, all day. Wishing you strength and courage, again, and always, and fast healing.
    Love, Debi

  • Lynda Brown says:

    The body is amazing. Your battlefield, cut and sewn, will meld back together in its way with a lot of help, both scientific and psychic.

    We’ll all help with the psychic, and of course the chicken soup.

    Nature is beautiful and horrible, as is science. Your
    there, in the zone, showing us the dichotomies of everything.

  • MRB "The Other Marilyn" says:

    Momo! What can I make you? Bring you? Peace and prosperity are outside my expertise, but anything else I’ll try for. We’ll check in this weekend, dear friend.

    Marilyn & Rick

  • Wynelle says:

    May the bad cells turn tail and run in the face of all the love and good wishes being sent to you, and the good cells grow in their places just like those amazingly resilient hostas. You are a warrior, Marilyn, out to kick some cancer butt. Power to you.

  • Ricki says:

    Matthew and I had a wonderful time with you and Frannie last week. You were so upbeat I almost forgot about the imminent surgery.
    I’ll be thinking of you daily. Good Luck.

  • paula says:

    Love love love, sending love through a blog.
    What’s a blog in Yiddish? a block?

    May all our Thoughts, Words, and Wishes be actualized over time. They will – they will come true.

    May the love of family and friends be endless,
    may your post-op be a cause for great celebration,
    and may the chicken soup warm and heal spirit and soul.

    xoxoxox — Paula,
    and neices and nephew–whose love for you is endless!

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