the finish line

August 17, 2007 § 12 Comments



One more radiation treatment left. I feel like the last runner in a marathon. The sun has set, the crowds have gone, paper cups litter the street. My diehard friends cheer me on. Inches away, cars zoom past, like life. Fast and unaware. I drag one foot and place it in front of the other.

I’m bringing something celebratory to my last treatment as a show of thanks to the staff and to mark this anticlimatic ending. I thought about gift wrapping bottles of bar-b-q sauce. All the skin they treat could use a touch of marinade before baking.


They tell me I’ll get my energy back, in weeks or months. My skin will heal more rapidly.

Poisoned, cut and burned sums it up. Three cheers and 2.5mg of Femara every day now. I hope it works. I hope it all worked.

I have chosen to run, though more than likely, I will walk in a 5k fundraiser on September 23rd. It’s for a good cause; the elimination of breast cancer. Just five weeks away, I suspect I might stumble across that finish line as well. I have become less graceful.

The thought of putting myself out for there for a 5k race and not being able to raise a boatful of money is just too pitiful to consider. That said, please click on the link below (or to the right) and make a contribution. Beyond all the tax-deductible blah blah your support cheers me on and it has done so for the past nine months. Thank you.


Xoxo Momo


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