swimming lessons

November 26, 2007 § 6 Comments


I opened the door and life gushed in.

It took just a second and I was in over my head. 

So this is what the Hoover Dam feels.

Pressure. Constant pressure.

I try to remember the day I had the muscle tone to withstand the currents.

They say you never forget how to swim, or is it riding a bicycle that leaves its indelible mark?

Friends have called and emailed wondering if no news is good news, or if something is terribly wrong.

“gurgle” I reply.

I am getting use to the torrential flow and learning to live under water.

xoxo Momo 




§ 6 Responses to swimming lessons

  • Paul Levy says:

    Slow breathing and gentle strokes will do the trick!

  • Kristen Connors says:

    so, I’m not sure I follow you. It’s been some time since we talked and I do read your stories. I was wondering what was going on at 19 Columbia!!! well, Atlanta is fun … it’s an adjustment but I like it. Boston is a sophisticated city and quite beautiful in comparison but the South has its special points too

    I miss you guys and miss a lot about the Northeast. Especially at this time of year. Living in 50-60 weather is nice but not at the holidays. I want to feel the crisp fall air or the blast of cold – maybe even see gray to know the holidays are here. I have a lot to be grateful about…. I’m glad to hear from you – please drop me a line when you have time. xo

  • Karen Cote says:

    I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! Once again you put my scrambled anxiety ridden thoughts into words. Maybe a martini would help? I’m game whenever you are!
    Love, Karen

  • Gail says:

    Living under water….an accurate and apt comparison.
    To me, you look like a glittering mermaid….
    I am ready for a swim anytime you are.
    Wet and wild. Either way you’re always good company.

    Picture those tiny bubbles in champagne…
    They do great things under pressure.
    They rise to the occassion, as do you

    As always,
    Love to you in your liquid loveliness….

    that’s xoxoxo in mermaidia.

    Warm water-y wishes from lobster land.

  • Just stopped by to check on you. Hope you had a nice holiday with your friend and that you are feeling well and more energized.

  • jason goodrich says:

    Friends and family help you float….:)

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