pain in the neck

December 8, 2009 § 5 Comments

Pain in the neck.

Not the tedious too much to do pain, but the ouch I can’t turn my head pain. Accompanied by a relentess headache that favors my right side. Doesn’t make sense to me, but Vicodins work and Valiums are muscle relaxers and who says I can’t go to bed before my 9 year old.

“Given your circumstances we need to do some imaging” this from my totally glam PCP.

I know the drill. With a history of breast cancer, metastatic disease remains a threat. It doesn’t rock me much anymore, so instead I turn my attention to the docs Italian knee-high boots with overstitching and spike heels. Stunning. She is stunning. Makes me wish I was a Doctor with cash enough to shop at Barneys.

I had a herniated disk a few years back and suspect my current discomfort is just more of the same. I promise myself I will be mindful of my posture and exercise more. Haven’t been to the health club in months.

No word from the doc and then…

“Your MRI shows a lesion in the back of your skull”

To someone  else this could be devastating news. Fortunately I have nothing to worry about. I already know I’m a survivor. There will be tests later this week. A trip to DC for work next week.

Do you think I can learn to walk in heels? I just love those boots.



§ 5 Responses to pain in the neck

  • Marty says:

    Hang in there love. You are indeed a survivor, and you look great in either your glam boots or your snow boots.

  • Linda says:

    She’s a goddess that Marilyn of yours, Marty. A tower of strength and beauty. And those poulkies, like they even need the boots? Feh!

    Keep writing, Momo. It’s the survivor speaking. And we’re listening and loving you.

  • Margaret says:

    Whatever you need, whenever you need it. We’re here.

  • You know how I like your feet best? As they appear in my artwork in the book 37days! You can certainly learn to walk in heels; you can do anything! Thought of you often in these past months and will continue to think of you with affection and hope.

  • What am I thinking — the name if the book is “Life is a Verb”, based on the blog I guess I was shaken up by seeing that you’d returned to the blogging world and then hearing your news.

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