eggs extra large

December 26, 2009 § 33 Comments

I’ve had eggs on the brain. Just a single egg – extra large . Pushing up  against my cerebellum.

Sraight  from wikipedia,the  cerebellum receives input from a variety of sensory systems and other parts of the brain and spinal cord. It integrates all these inputs to fine-tune motor activity.[1]

No surprise, I lose balance on occasion, and am challenged by otherwise simple functions, like typing.

Maybe this is all breast cancer connected, maybe not.  My biopsy is Thursday 12/31. I can expect  clean sheets, dinner in bed and with any luck my own morphine drip.

Call first, maybe you can visit. One rule, must bring gifts of food or flowers  for  the staff. After all who wants to  work New Years Eve.



§ 33 Responses to eggs extra large

  • Edie Read says:

    news to me.
    thanks for the lentil soup recipe – happen to be making it today!- along with your other life recipes

  • Gail says:

    before…. golf ball
    now……. egg
    next…… how about something a bit more….
    je ne sais quai?
    say……. a chia seed?

    Let’s think TINY…
    itsie bitsie
    teeny weeny
    you get my drift….

  • Linda says:

    Difficult challenges? Abso (F-ing) lutely.
    Pampering staff? Absolutely momo.

    Heart (and wile) aplenty!



  • oz says:

    Mar- Ok- we’ve got this. You’re a fighter. You can do it…again.

    Seems like yesterday I came over with all that soup from Whole Foods. I’m ready with more.

    It worked the first time, it’ll work again! Tell me how I can bring it over.

  • Nina says:

    Sending our love from Vegas. Beautiful and compelling writing Momo.

  • Lizzy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a camera sometimes loves certain people?

    Think of Marilyn, or Madonna, and now Momo.

    Keep writing; keep writing. Let the cookies burn…


  • lindabutton says:

    It’s OK if your typing gets scrambled. Your heart is sunny side up. Love to you. Strength to you.

  • Judy K says:

    Momo — Sending you love and light, and I mean big, brilliant light, from the left coast. You’ve got a big team of angels behind you. Put on that warrior-goddess gown and kick it’s ass. xoxoxo judy

  • susie says:

    Marilyn! Another dose for you is so wrong. But Judy is right – you need your warrior-goddess gown and nerves of steel. You are a survivor, go, go, go!! susie

  • Karen says:

    You can beat this, Momo. I know you can…with a little help from your friends. We will be there on New Years eve with bells on and gifts for the care givers!

  • RIckBeyer says:

    Rooting for you Momo…

  • Ann D. says:


    Your blog is amazing…you reach out, let us in, and we send our love and energy right back at you.



  • Eileen says:

    I want to tell you how I know you’ll kick this ass like you did the last time and you are an over achiever and you will surely over achieve again here…but I’m MAD!!! sorry. I’ll have to take my moment to scream at someone, some gods, heaven and earth… punch something. I want to punch something!

  • Ruth says:
    from what I can tell, there is a traditional food from every culture for New Years, but most involve small round shaped items to commemorate the cycle of the year and plentiful wishes; Lentils, peas and grapes, oh my!
    Your writing is incredibly authentic and deeply personal while allowing us a glimpse of what makes Momo tick through your unique wit and passion. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. Sending loads of strength and hugs your and Frannie’s way! xox

  • Erica says:

    Ready when you are for some gentle yoga/meditation..blankets and breathing. Namaste Momo. xo

  • Penny says:

    I had to walk away from my computer because I was stunned, and really pissed off! I needed to think. Here’s the deal … you are an amazing woman, Marilyn. Your strength, your brilliance and your stamina are what you’re made of. You have a huge support system and your friends seem amazing. You have what it takes to beat this. Know that I love you, respect you, and am with you every step of the way. Your family on the West Coast sends love, kisses and positive thoughts!
    One phone call, that’s all it takes, and I will be there for the 3 of you. Always, and I mean always know that.

  • Betsey says:

    Marilyn –

    Much love and positive energy coming your way! I see you as fully healthy, happy and radiant. I see you actively parenting Frannie! May I offer, from Louise Hays in You Can Heal Your Life, the following affirmation: “I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day. All is well!” To this new day, Marilyn! To this new day!



  • Wynelle says:

    Marilyn, this sucks big time, but you are an incredibly powerful human being, and this puny little fucker of a tumor doesn’t stand a chance. I’m furious for you, and send you righteous anger, a boatload of determination and resilience, and of course LOVE.

    Am doing ultra-positive visualization of you healthy and vibrant and glowing (kind of like you mainly are), and the agnostic’s version of prayer.

    By the way: 48,140 hits on your blog? Whoa. You are a FORCE.


  • Jan S says:

    Just heard, sending healing thoughts your way.

  • Esther says:


    Penny thankfully sent me your blog. Thank you. How beautiful you are. I am full of respect, admiration, hope and love for you.
    Frannie is absolutely lovely! You are obviously doing incredibly well with her.
    Keep up the good fight; you will lick this too.

    Loving you from afar,
    Your cousin, Esther

  • jette says:

    Hey Babe-it’s a blue moon tonight….my love and thoughts are with you- once in a blue moon is enough…xoxojette

  • Cathy Hurst says:

    Thinking of you tonight, Marilyn–hoping for good news in 2010.

  • oz says:

    Mar- Woke up this new decade and wanted to send a ton of positive energy and good thoughts your way…it’s too early for soup anyway.


  • jette says:

    Hey Babe-it was a blue moon last night….my love and thoughts are with you – once in a blue moon is enough…xoxojette

  • Denis says:

    Hi Momo, often thinking of you in these incredibly
    unfair and cruel moments, and wanting to believe
    that our love and positive thoughts will somehow
    carry to you and help you fight the beast, which I have no doubt you will beat, with your unequaled gusto
    and spark for life, the very traits that are obvious
    to anyone knowing you, one of the traits that makes us love you.

    Hang in there, we are all thinking and watching over you.



  • Nancy says:

    Larry and I are very sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. We wish you the very best and hope it is very very tiny . Are you at the B.I and did the German neurosurgeon do the biopsy?

    Jonas called and told us that Paula had come for added support. We hope and pray for the good health gods to shine upon you.

  • Elaine and Michael Zimmerman says:

    Hope your egg turns into egg nog and we can drink and wish you good health and a happy New Year! Elaine and Michael

  • Pam Abrams says:

    Hi Marilyn-
    I just heard today that you are in the hospital. I would love to come bring you some treats tomorrow, if you are up for a visit. I only bring chocolate and cookies so would you please specify? xoxoxoxoxo

    • Marilyn Kass says:

      Pam you are too sweet!

      i am often in and out of mtgs and appts and tests and of course some resets but brownies and chocolate? frannie is visiting at 2;30 toorrow – i told her to skip hebrew school. bring the sweets on resissman 1180 worse case I won’t be in the room and you will leave them but I should be here. try 12-2p


      bring em on!

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