an honor and a shout-out

March 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

Dear Ms. Kass,

On behalf of the Brookline Commission for Women, I am pleased to inform you that Zoe Moran wrote an insightful essay about you which was selected as the 2nd place winner among the 6th grade essays written for the “Woman Who Inspires Me” essay contest. The essays written by students touched us, inspired us, and made us proud of Brookline Schools and its students.

“A Woman Who Inspires Me”

by Zoe Moran

Lots of women all over the world are talented, confident and strong, but not all of them persevere when they come to an obstacle in the middle of their life.  My best friend’s mom, Marilyn, is different.  She persevered when she faced two challenges in her life, breast cancer and a brain tumor.  While facing these two challenges and persevering through them, she became an inspiration to me.  In 2006, Marilyn was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Some people might have lost hope when they got cancer, but Marilyn didn’t.  Instead of losing hope, she gained it because she knew that she had many family and friends supporting her.  She also gained strength and confidence.  A couple of years later, in 2009, when she was done recovering from the breast cancer, she got a brain tumor near the back of her neck. Also, during her painful recovery from her cancer, Marilyn didn’t lose hope; instead she persevered and continued living her life the way it was before she had cancer.

Marilyn is a talented woman.  She is a really good chef and cooks super yummy meals.  When you walk into her house, there’s always a big aroma of delicious smelling food in the air.  She also knows how to balance out work-time with fun-time, always leaving time to cook even when she has to work.  Marilyn’s talent to balance things out inspires me when I have to balance out homework with gymnastics practice.

When she experienced both breast cancer and a brain tumor, Marilyn remained confident, although dealing with cancer is very painful.  She planned exciting trips and events so she had things to look forward to while she was having treatment instead of complaining that she didn’t feel good.

It was important for Marilyn to continue to be strong.  Even though she had surgery twice and had to take a lot of medicine, she persevered and stayed positive and strong.  Even if there were times she didn’t feel good, no one really knew because she was optimistic.  She wanted her daughter to feel good so she wouldn’t be worried.

Although Marilyn had both breast cancer and a brain tumor, she didn’t lose hope and persevered during her recoveries.  Also after she recovered, she stayed strong, confident and talented.  When she was recovering, she persevered and didn’t lose hope, where some people might have lost hope.  Marilyn’s strength, confidence and perseverance inspires me when I get hurt or injured.  I think of what she has been through and know that being strong and confident can help you get through anything and achieve your goals.  Marilyn is definitely one woman who inspires me.

A couple of the details are off, but Zoe got the message. Thanks Zoe, I’m honored.

And thanks to author, blogger and writer Tami Boehmer who featured excerpts from my blog post “love shrinks tumor” on her site


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