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February 9, 2013 § 15 Comments

Happy 13th birthday! Sushi, movies, presents and cake as promised. Yes, we can go to the bookstore.

Exciting weekend with a blizzard dumping over 2 feet of snow. If you’re not going to help shovel, you have to walk Zeke and don’t forget your d’var and violin and any homework for Monday. Get that done and we can watch food competitions, contemplate our next meal and catch the new episode of Downtown Abbey on Sunday night.

BTW, you know I had a bunch of scans this week and your dad and I met with the doctors to discuss the results. This cancer stuff sucks and they found a couple of spots in my brain. They call them abnormalities as if we didn’t know my brain was abnormal. It explains the numbness in right hand. I start full brain radiation next week. Nothing to worry about, it’ll make me tired and bald but you’re use to that. Yes, I promise I will be ok.

Remember the TED talk we watched the other day about the woman who had the brain hemorrhage. If I start talking like a dog you gotta let me know.

I’m sorry. We thought of not telling you yet, but I want to be 100% open and honest about this stuff so you know you can always trust me with the truth. I know two women who’ve been through it and they’re ok. I’m not worried, I’ll be ok. We’ll all be ok. I love you too, so much.

We’ll get through this, we always do.

I love you.



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§ 15 Responses to by the way…

  • susa says:

    yasha koach. your strength amazes me. as our now brain injured rabbi used to say, may the force be with you. and happy birthday Frannie.

  • Linda M. says:

    Your love shines the brightest. xoLM

  • Barbara Terner says:

    Staying positive while negativity is swirling around you, is so powerful. Love reading your blog entries. I’m a friend of Deanne’s.

  • Ricki says:

    BTW… I love you, and your amazing family. Can’t wait to see Franny read her parsha and to celebrate with you!

  • Stan says:

    Hi dear. If I were like you ,I’d buy a lottery ticket cuz you always win. I have faith in you. xxxx

  • Rick Beyer says:

    Momo, I was looking back at your old blog posts (ever the historian) and I can’t believe it has been seven years since you first crossed swords with this villianous disease. You have vanquished everything it has thrown at you, and I believe in your awesome ability to keep doing so. Lots of love to you and Frannie (and Marty) from out here in Lexington!

  • Gail Kass says:

    Looks like another storm on the horizon – a brainstorm! Buck up, I predict you’ll weather this one, too.

    Gather your strength, hold on for dear life and don’t forget – bring a cell phone and anti-nausea meds ’cause there may be some turbulence up ahead.

    (secret pass word: All decks on hand.)


  • Marty says:

    Loving you now and forever. I’ll be right by your side. We’ll weather this as we’ve done all the storms. You’re amazing. xoxo

  • Betsey says:

    Your spirit, courage and love of life shine so bright in your latest post about readying yourself for your next battle. Know that we are all reflecting the light you shine on all of us back toward you as healing light and love!!! Hugs, Marilyn.

  • Karen Silver says:

    Frannie, you have the best, strongest, lovingest (poetic license) and most competent mom and dad on the planet. Not to mention a bunch of pretty amazing extended family and friends ; ). Happy birthday, honey. I love all of you and I am here for whatever I can do to help.

  • Linda M. says:

    BTW, Like the new tag line. Ain’t it the truth.

  • Erica says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful young lady. She is beyond blessed to have you as her strong, beautiful, funny, and inspiring Mother!! XoE

  • Denis G. says:

    Hi Momo, no one I know has the spirit , the will, the determination, to surmount challanges, as well as you can, had done many many times in the past, and will do it again , and again. This is just another little bump in the road of many more many more fantastic and glorious years to come.

  • Maura says:

    We love you and you know we will help you with anything 🙂

  • kathleen and jacques and martin says:

    The view from across the street: The newly painted house looked pretty as the snow fell. And those two mailboxes. And I could imagine the tulips just waiting under the snow…until another spring is upon you.

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