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Opening wide, I thought I saw a pearly white sliver, though not necessarily where you would expect to see a tooth emerge. My mouth was sore, but I knew I wasn’t teething. On the other hand, after years of mainlining toxins and exposure to high dose radiation, it could be a mutant tooth.

Conveniently, I had an appointment with my dentist for a routine cleaning. I mentioned the soreness, which she chalked up to a slew of possible causes – no mention of fangs. Since we couldn’t locate the emerging dentin I swore I had seen earlier, she sent me away and requested I return in two weeks. I did, and this time the white pearl loomed large.

“Osteonecrosis” she said blandly, “you need to call your Oncologist.”

My mouth open, my body in dentist chair recline. I thought my smile was my biggest concern, instead I am re-directed to my Oncologist.

Osteonecrosis of the jaw is an uncommon, but severe, adverse event associated with oral and intravenous bisphosphonate therapy

Yes, I have been receiving intravenous bisphosphonate therapy (aka bone strengthener) but I never imagined it would be a troublemaker when there were so many other therapies that seemed far more suspect.

I have long been aware of the possible adverse effects associated with my treatments. I figured the radiation to my chest, my head and my brain would get me first. Or, maybe the hundred plus chemotherapy treatments would push me over the edge? And all those essential bone scans, MRI’s and CT’s with their associated warnings.

I have had dozens if not hundreds of tests that exposed me to, or injected me with one toxin or another. Doing the only sensible thing possible, I make note of the warnings, and ignore them.

Seven years of debilitating treatments, anxious scan results, and the occasional self-diagnosis. It’s a lot to go through to drop a few pounds.

Seven very precious years spent with my magnificent husband, my daughter and stellar friends. Seven years going on eight years with nine years in reach and ten years hardly a stretch.

Knowing all that and still, I live like there is no tomorrow.

As for the Osteonecrosis I’m rinsing my mouth twice a day with an oral concoction that’s probably toxic. No sign of fangs, yet, will keep you posted.



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