message from Momo

Thanks for checking out my blog. For those of you dealing with cancer directly or indirectly we’re in it together. This journey has more ups, downs and surprises than a roller coaster. Hang on. Breath. Wherever you are, it’s temporary.  Relish the good times when they come and have faith when the crappy times roll along that they too are only temporary.

Lean on your friends and family. Seek out folks who want to help and let them. It will make them feel good. When you are negotiating for an upgrade or waiting in line, tell the folks across the counter that you have  cancer. It just might get you a better seat. Then, forget about it as much as possible. Try to win with the cards you’ve been dealt and bluff if it helps.

Email any time I love hearing from you.



§ 5 Responses to message from Momo

  • Lisa McGlaun says:

    Dear Momo,

    I just finished reading your blog from 2007 forward..almost every post. I am in the midst of breast cancer now and was looking for inspiration. I found it. Your last post was quite a while ago. It was joyful so I am going to believe that you continue to live in joy. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

    Lisa McGlaun

  • Hi Momo,

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    Have a great day Momo,

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  • Paul Levy says:

    Hi, Momo. It’s been a while since I checked in. My friend Monique Doyle Spencer used to sign her comments on my blog with the name “NASOV”–“neither a survivor or victim.” You remind me of her in many ways.

    I just want to send you my best and thank you for sharing your story with such honesty and elegance.

    Paul Levy

  • Nathalie says:

    Hi Momo,
    we have known eachother so briefly, having conversations in the park where we would bring our dogs to play. You were so full of kind words and optimism I was in awe of your strength and courage. you didnt let your cancer rule you…I would see you walk to the park, somewhat unsteady in your gait, my eyes would tear up but I would hold back my tears, trying to be as upbeat as you were, thinking my sadness would somehow weaken you. you are so strong and brave…..

  • Johna301 says:

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